Continental is a multinational that produces safe, efficient and performance-oriented tyres for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers. We are one of the market leaders in tyre technology and production. Through continuous investment in research and development, we make a major contribution to safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility.

For us, Continental, road safety is of paramount importance. We are making every effort to achieve zero traffic accidents #visionzero. Awareness of how to drive safely plays an important role in this, whether it is seatbelt use, lighting or sharing the road optimally.

At Continental, we develop technologies that increase the safety of all road users. By occupying the same public space, all road users are connected, just as motorists and cyclists are connected by the one technology that keeps them on the road – their tyres.

Thanks to the innovative Black Chili rubber compound, developed in our test labs in Germany, you can always keep your lane, relying on our Grand Prix 5000 or sit relaxed at the steering wheel of your car equipped with our SportContact 6 or SportContact 7.